2006/07/01 All project activities have been started.
2008/12/18 All lectures for PicoBlaze processor are completed (in Czech).
2011/02/10 New tasks for FITkit extension modules were published and there is a new version of PicoBlaze C Compiler.
2011/06/30 Eclipse-based integrated development environment (VLAM IDE) and remote measurement manager (Vlaxicon) was published (including update of some tools) and the project has been finished successfuly.
The founder of VLAM research project is Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The project has been approved under National research program II with number MSMT 2C06008.
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Public project results

Book "Virtual Laboratory for Application Development for Microprocessors and FPGAs" (in Czech)

As a summary of this grant, we published the book consisting of main research results and experiences with the realization of the virtual laboratory. The book is in Czech language. More information (in Czech) can be found at book website (including free download).

Integrated Development Environment VLAM (VLAM IDE)

During year 2010 and 2011, as a result of VLAM project, we developed integrated development environment (IDE) for design of small embedded systems for education in our virtual laboratory VLAM (or even locally on your PC). IDE is based on Eclipse 3.6 (Helios) and it supports HW/SW codesign. There is a support for FITkit educational platform and partially for Flexis kit (both created at FIT, BUT Brno). This VLAM IDE is freeware package of plug-ins (feature) for Eclipse 3.6 under BUT Freeware license. Our first public version provides:

  • Graphical Component-based Design Editor for FITkit platform (small Xilinx FPGA) with several components to use such as PicoBlaze procesor, LCD display, Matrix keyboard etc.
  • Generates VHDL based on the design in GUI editor
  • Assembly Language Editor for soft-core processor PicoBlaze-3
  • Integration with QDevkKit for programming of FITkit platform
  • Several additional features provided by other projects such as: VHDL Editor with syntax highlighting and code completion
For installation, you can use Update site for Eclipse platform (see menu Help, item Install New Software...): As the development continues, check for new updates frequently at Update site for stable versions. In addition, for up-to-date information see our VLAM IDE wiki where you can find versions under the development and Czech User Guide.


Vlaxicon is an open-source tool for measurement instruments management. It allows remote control of various instruments such are Agilent generators and oscilloscopes, etc. It is lightweight alternative for Agilent VEE Pro software. For download, follow the link at

Functional samples of peripherals for Xilinx Embeded Starter kit Spartan 3E-1600

Functional Sample of Vizualization and Remote Control of VLAM HW. S3E1600 release, in Czech (ZIP, 8.6 MB).

Peripherals for Xilinx Embeded Starter kit Spartan 3E-1600:

  1. AD Core - Functional Sample of Controller for A/D Convertor with SPI Bus. S3E1600 release, in Czech (ZIP, 1 MB).
  2. BASIC IO CORE - Functional Sample of Electronic Potentiometer Controller. S3E1600 release, in Czech (ZIP, 871 KB).
  3. DA Core - Functional Sample of Controller for D/A Convertor with SPI Bus. S3E1600 release, in Czech (ZIP, 735 KB).
  4. FC Core - Functional Sample of Frequency Counter. S3E1600 release, in Czech (ZIP, 1 MB).
  5. FG Core - Functional Sample of Frequency Generator. S3E1600 release, in Czech (ZIP, 648 KB).
  6. LCD Core - Functional sample of LCD display controller. S3E1600 release, in Czech (ZIP 795 KB).
  7. NOR FLASH Core - Functional Sample of Intel StrataFlash Controller. S3E1600 release, in Czech (ZIP, 1 MB).
  8. PWM Core - Functional Sample of Pulse Width Modulation Generator. S3E1600 release, in Czech (ZIP, 750 KB).
  9. SPI FLASH Core - Functional Sample of SPI Serial Flash Controller. S3E1600 release, in Czech (ZIP, 1 MB).

Lectures with PicoBlaze processor

Peripherals for Xilinx ESK S3E500 based on PicoBlaze processor

  1. ASCII display HW module with PicoBlaze processor (the VLAM peripheral, in Czech) (PDF, ZIP 8.0 MB).
  2. Rotary encoder, LEDs, and Switches HW module with PicoBlaze processor (the VLAM peripheral, in Czech) (PDF, ZIP 8.6 MB).
  3. Package of HW modules based on PicoBlaze processor (the VLAM peripherals, documentation in Czech) (PDF, ZIP 11.4 MB).
    • LCD: display LCD with HD44780 controller
    • PWM: 8 channel PWM
    • ADC: Controller for A/D convertor LTC1407A-1 and amplifier LTC6912-1
    • DAC: Controller for 4-channel D/A convertor LTC2624
    • FREQ_CNT:
    • FREQ_GEN:
    • NOR_FLASH: memory controller for 128MBit Intel StrataFlash Parallel NOR Flash PROM
    • SPI_FLASH: memory controller for M25P16 SPI Serial Flash

Translation System for FITKit

During 2008, it was developed scriptable terminal QDevKit for FITKit device. As part of VLAM project Zdenek Vasicek created the following parts and tools:

  • new style of programming
  • tool for fast programming of FPGA and MCU in FITKit
  • the core of translation system based on XML (in Czech)
  • console terminal
  • Win32 part of multiplatform communication with FTDI circuits
  • demonstration applications and modifications of original applications
The GUI and the rest of QDevKit was created by a student, Marek Vavrusa, who did not participate in this project.

Extension modules for FITkit

During 2009, there were developed two modules for FITKit platform. In 2010, we introduced demonstration applications for these modules:

PicoBlaze C Compiler

During 2008 - 2010, we are developing a C language cross-compiler for 8-bit soft-core Xilinx PicoBlaze-3 processor. To download the current version or read the latest documentation, see our wiki page that is updated weekly. Basic features of the first public version:

  • Small Devices C Compiler based front-end (supports and extends C99 standard syntax)
  • Syntax analysis of inlined PicoBlaze Assembler (keywords: __asm, __endasm) with support of two dialects (KCPSM3 and pBlazeIDE)
  • Basic decimal data types (char [8-bit], short, int [16-32 bit])
  • Data stack simulation (function calls, recursion)
  • Register allocation optimization
  • Disadvantage: Still missing structures, arrays, and pointers
We are still hardly working to add other important C language features to the compiler, so stay tuned or contact us with an offer to help us.

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